Yang Month is Here!

Yang Week is smashing it. We are now calling for hundreds to come to Iowa between now and February 3rd. 

A grassroots movement powered by Humanity FWD.

What is Yang Month?

The mission of Yang Week was to mobilize hundreds into Iowa for one week of full-time advocating for Yang: trained, supported, and ready to rock. Why should all this end on January 11th?

We are now calling for Yang Gang to come to Iowa  between now and the caucus on February 3rd – or, if they are already there, to stay longer. 

If necessary, we can support your lodging expenses and make sure you have a vehicle within your hub – although please do not simply show up and expect to be sorted! In some cases, we can also fund or organise transport to and from the state.

Our mission is to further activate and train hundreds into the state,
winning the caucus county by county. Once on the ground, you are free to volunteer as you see fit. Our extensive training states that the most effective political activity is door-to-door canvassing. There are many organisations on the ground that facilitate this service.

What you have achieved so far is phenomenal. But this is a numbers game – and it’s a numbers game we can win.

Why Iowa Matters

Here is how it works.

To remain in the race, a candidate must meet the 15% viability threshold in a given Iowan district. All candidates below this threshold within a given district are designated “non-viable” within that district.

What then? Supporters of non-viable candidates are then required to cast their vote for a viable candidate.

This is not a matter of opinion. This is exactly how the Iowa caucus works. 

Our Mission


To get as many Yang Gang to the state of Iowa as possible for one month of intensive campaigning


To win at least 15% of the Iowan caucus vote for Andrew Yang, securing his place as a viable candidate


To make Andrew Yang the main story of Iowa for the 2020 election

set THE trajectory

To create a domino effect across America through the primaries

The Status Quo

Yang needs unprecedented help in Iowa


Yang averages at 3% in Iowa, lower than Klobuchar and Steyer.


The caucus falls on February 3rd. This gives us about a month to tell every Iowan about Andrew Yang


In other crucial states like New Hampshire, Yang is doing excellently. This means that if Yang survives Iowa, he really can win


Time is running out. The Yang Gang is smart, willing and able. With an army of us in Iowa, the tables can turn quickly. But we need to show up – urgently

The Competition

By the polls, other candidates are winning Iowa. Yang has a way to go.

RCP Iowa Average: 3.0%

Andrew Yang

RCP Iowa Average: 17.7%

Joe Biden

RCP Iowa Average: 13.3%

Bernie Sanders

RCP Iowa Average: 22.7%

Elizabeth Warren

RCP Iowa Average: 16.3%

Pete Buttigieg

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