The Vision

Between Andrew Yang and the White House stands Iowa. For Yang to remain in, and eventually win, the Democratic primary, he needs 15% of the Iowan vote. This is necessary in order to secure any delegates. Without 15%, the race is essentially over. In addition, if 15% is reached, Yang’s position as a viable candidate will become fixed in the public eye, having a domino effect from the early primaries to the end of the race.

Currently, RealClearPolitics suggests that Yang is polling at 2% in Iowa. This does not call for a conventional or small-scale campaign approach, but instead calls for the mass- mobilization of ready and willing Yang Gang members from across the country.

The purpose of Yang Week is to fully secure at least 15% for Andrew Yang in Iowa. #YangWeek will bring as many Yang supporters as possible to Iowa for a single week of mass, concentrated, effective campaigning.

In many ways the national Yang Gang is an untapped resource. We make more noise online than any other support base, exactly because we are more committed to doing everything we can. It is time to ask the most of the Yang Gang, at exactly the right time, and in exactly the right place.

This event is neither funded nor organised by the campaign.